Xavier Woods Fired Back On The Undertaker

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WWE legend confirms he’s retired Undertaker I was beaten up in a match. The dead man bless wrestling gamers, Xavier Woods fires back.

CM Punk called controversial Hall of Famer the smartest man in wrestling. stings a wrestling debut announced new president could cause issues for wrestlers, WWE backstage returning on Fox, more shocking details from vice dark side of the ring. Huge WWE he’ll turn in the works.

WWE Hall of Famer demands retirement match at W dynamite matches announced little Tony Khan by Impact Wrestling, Sasha Banks Mandalorian co star wants WWE match and more. We’re kicking off today with the Undertaker and despite his final farewell and Survivor Series last year, there’s still fans who think he could return in time for WrestleMania.

This week, the dead man himself further cemented that his in ring career is over, as he revealed on the Joe Rogan experience that his contract has been changed, and he’s now no longer classed as an in ring talent. He said, I’m not a talent. I’m a legend. I only work two or three times a year but I was under a regular contract. The dead man explained that as a legend he’s not subject to WWE is mandatory for urine tests a year as well as two blood tests. Of course, there are some other legends contracts that still compete such as Goldberg, but with the foenum being so open about not being considered a talent anymore, this should put to bed any rumors of an in ring return.


Speaking of the demon of Death Valley, The Undertaker is considered one of the toughest wrestlers of all time, with a career spanning three decades being testament to that. This week, though, the dead man revealed that there are some people tougher than him. And during the Joe Rogan experience spoke about getting literally beaten up in his first professional wrestling match with bruiser Brody at a WCW event in June 1987.


The story goes that the undertaker then known as Texas red was calling spots to Brody in the match, which didn’t sit well with a bruiser, he said. So as I throw Brody, I’m like clothesline, he comes off the ropes like a bullet, like a six foot five 300 pound bullet and kicks me squaring my jaw. I deserved it. He was giving me a lesson that I needed to learn. The future dead man even thanked Brody for the lesson, saying that it helped him learn a basic rule of wrestling. And it goes to show that even a future foenum was not immune from a legit beating. The dead man had a lot to say during his time on the Joe Rogan experience and that included taking shots at the Current roster.


Speaking about the current superstars, the dead man said the current WWE shows are quote, soft, and spoke about the differences between the locker room now and how it was when he first broke into the business. He said, I remember walking into my first real dressing room, half of them had knives and guns in their bags, shit got handled then.

Now you walk in there and there’s guys playing video games and making sure they look pretty. We’re not sure of having guns and knives in a wrestling locker room is a great idea. And given his comments about superstars playing video games, Xavier Woods responded on Twitter.

Wood, who fans will know is a huge gamer and creator of Up Up Down Down so that he wouldn’t be the person he is today without the guidance of people from the previous generation of wrestling, but added that having video games in the locker room is far healthier than having guns and knives. The irony in this is that the dead man himself is no stranger to being in video games and even promoted WWE to K battlegrounds ahead of the games launched last year, and we definitely have a Nintendo Switch pointed in our face that a firearm over the raw now as Bill Goldberg will challenge for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble despite mass backlash from the fans.

Though most people aren’t thrilled with the idea of another Goldberg returning potential title when one person who is a fan of the legend is CM Punk. When a fan asked punk who his favorite wrestler of 2020 was, the former WWE Champion said it was Goldberg calling him the smartest man in the room.

Though punk was almost certainly being sarcastic. We can’t fault Goldberg for making a ton of money last year with WWE, including having a universal title reign whilst only having a handful of brief matches. We’ll have to see if WWE pulls the trigger on another part time World Championship reign for Goldberg at the expense of Drew McIntyre. But we’re sure that CM Punk will be entertained. If that does happen, though probably not for the reasons WWE are hoping for. At w news next is Singh’s first match for the company has been revealed. This week, the company confirmed that the icon will team with Darby Allen to face Brian cage and Ricky Starks of team Taz. And this match will take place at the revolution pay per view on February In 2016 Not only that, but this match will also be a street fight after Taz and Alan T is taking the food to the streets in recent weeks.

This will be Sting’s first match since his last two then WWE Champion Seth Rollins at Night of Champions, and after five years away and a career ending injury, it’ll be interesting to see how the Hall of Famer fares as a wrestler once again. Now this week saw Joe Biden be sworn into office as the 46th President of the United States, and this may be bad news for some wrestlers. As part of his efforts to battle the ongoing situation, President Biden signed an executive order outlining what companies must do regarding international travel.

In the order, it stated that companies and individuals are now required to comply with applicable CDC guidelines such as periods of self quarantine and self isolation after entering the United States. That hasn’t been the case so far. And given that 80 w was flying pack in for dynamite, they’ll now have to factor in a recommended two week quarantine period before they plan on using him. This will apply to any company is planning to fly wrestlers in from Europe or Japan. And this tightening of the policy is one of the first steps of the Biden Harris administration. We’ll have to see how they’re able to work around this new policy and what the suggested time for quarantines being 14 days companies such as a ew will have to make some changes back to WWE now and the canceled WWE backstage show is back once again.

The show was originally nixed due to sweeping budget cuts made by Fox but a special episode has been confirmed that’ll air the night prior to the Royal Rumble pay per view. Not only that, but the WWE on Fox Twitter account confirmed that Renee Paquette will be hosting the show despite her WWE departure last year, as she’s still under contract with Fox Sports. Paquette will be joined by Paige and Booker T though there’s no word on whether CM Punk will be on the show at this time. A lot of fans Miss WWE backstage and want to see it return. And whilst that hasn’t happened yet, fans can get their fix of the show on January 30 at 8pm Eastern.

Speaking of popular shows, vices dark side of the ring is preparing for its third season, and now we have an update on what topics will be discussed. We’ve already covered that the season will open with a Brian pillman episode that will feature Stone Cold Steve Austin as well as an episode focused on the Smith wrestling family. Now pw insiders Mike Johnson has confirmed that there will be an episode on Chris Canyon, the former WCW and WWF star who had an 18 year wrestling career before taking his own life in 2010.

There also be an episode on the Dynamite Kid Tom Billington, as well as Nick Gage, a legend of the deathmatch. The WCW New Japan crossover event in North Korea will also receive an episode as well as the LA promotion x p w, as well as Japan’s FM W. There’s no shortage of dark stories from Wrestling’s past and the third season will premiere later this year. Over to NXT and this week’s show saw the women’s Dusty Rhodes classic get underway and it may have also seen the start of a huge heel turn on the show Kacy catanzaro and Caden Carter got to win over Mercedes Martinez and Tony storm and on Wrestling Observer live. Brian Alvarez noted that a WWE source told him that this upset when is supposed to be the start of a heel turn for togher in Catan Zorro. Alvarez also pointed out that plans could always change and also noted that Catan sorrow is so likable as a babyface that a heel turn wouldn’t be a good fit for her. At least not right now. With that in mind, NXT has a history of turning his beloved baby face women heal from Candice larae to Dakota Chi and Time will tell whether Kat and Zorro and Carter embrace their darker sides in the coming weeks and months. Speaking of the WWE Women’s division one of the earlier pioneers of the division was a lunger blaze who isn’t quite finished in WWE just yet.


When the WWE official Twitter asked fans who they’d love to see show up at the Royal Rumble plays replied with a question of her own, asking when WWE is going to give her a retirement match. The former Medusa confirm that she’d be done after having one last match. But whether this dream comes true for the former women’s and 24 seven champion remains to be seen. More from at W next as two matches have been confirmed for next week’s edition of dynamite. After this week’s show saw Chris Jericho and mjf be crowned the official tag team of the inner circle. The two will have a chance to prove themselves next week when they face the varsity blondes. Baker versus Shanna has also been added to next week’s card which will presumably be main invented by the good brothers and young bucks versus dark order match that has already been announced.


Eddie Kingston will face Lance Archer as well. And with Cody Rhodes finally ready to answer Shaquille O’Neal, there will be plenty to tune in for next Wednesday’s broadcast. Tony Khan has certainly made himself popular in wrestling circles with how he’s run AWS so far, and there’s been speculation about whether he wants to add Impact Wrestling To his brand full time. During this week’s dynamite post show, Tony Shivani fielded several questions, including one that asked whether Khan would be interested in purchasing the impact from their current owners anthem wrestling exhibitions. Responding to whether he wants to buy impact Khan kept his reply short and sweet. He said no. Though Connie is currently working with impact as part of the ongoing invasion angle and has even appeared on impact programming in the past. That’s as far as his interest in the brand goes at this time. Back to WWE now and the company has confirmed that the superstar spectacle will be viewable around the world. The show a two hour special TV event for India will air at 8pm local time on Sony 10 one so ii 10 three and Sony Max, and we’ll also air on the WWE Network at 9:30am. Eastern.


The superstar spectacle is being taped today from the Thunderdome, and we’ll have commentary done in both English and Hindi. There’s no word on what matches will take place at the superstar spectacle, but names including Drew McIntyre, Ray Mysterio jinder Mahal, AJ Styles and reunited new day have been confirmed for the broadcast. And we’re ending today in a galaxy far far away as Sasha Banks made a big impression during Season Two of Star Wars the Mandalorian and now another crossover could be in the works. That’s if actress Katie Sackhoff gets her way as the actress who plays the popular bo katan in the series recently spoke about wanting to compete in a WWE match with the boss. Speaking to the sift counsel podcast sack off said she hopes to be in a tag team match alongside banks and banks responded with a tweet saying she loves sack off and can’t wait to work with her more. It was only a few years ago that aerostar Stephen Amell teamed with Neville at SummerSlam 2015 and whilst it’s unclear if either sack off or banks will return for the Mandalorian season three we may soon see the pair reunite in a WWE ring.

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