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          Wrestling News for February 6 2021


WWF/WCW Superstar Butch Reed Passes Away At 66


Foote Reed has passed away the former WWE superstar and when one half of the WCW tag team do my wrestled alongside the WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons passed away at the age of only 66. Reed suffered two heart attacks this year was fighting for his life. Sadly, the fight ended today as it was announced on his Instagram page that he passed away we’d like to offer our condolences to the reed family and friends during this difficult time.


Superstar Spectacle Scores Spectacular Success

The WWE is reporting that its recent network special was a spectacular rating success. The latest observer had a recap of the WWE recent quarter four conference call with investors and noted WWE president Nick Khan talked about the success of the superstar spectacle on Sony in India. He said it was viewed by 20 million people on all the different platforms. This can be misleading because YouTube measures viewers who may only watch 30 seconds or less and that it did five times the numbers of Raw and SmackDown. During the market. He said they are looking at more content. The superstar spectacle feature WWE superstars alongside talent that will be showcased in the WWE upcoming NXT India program. 20 million is damn impressive.


Does the WWE Want a Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar Rematch?


WWE won a Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar rematch, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar had some epic battles during ranges quest for a world championship with both men battling in some of the most hard hitting matches in recent memory. Although it seems to be a lot that age old battle Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37 Meltzer is reporting that the WWE is thinking of reigns battling Lesnar again somewhere down the road. As far as an idea goes, reigns versus Lesnar at WrestleMania is on the table as an obvious match down the line, but not this year. It’s a story with a Heyman storyline and there are many different ways you could tell it. Roman Reigns was a babyface and Lesnar was a heel in their past battles.



Brock Lesnar Puts Over Young Superstar


Brock Lesnar put over you young superstar. It looks like Brock Lesnar was impressed with the first main roster performance by a rising superstar. During an appearance on the Start today podcast Dominic Mysterio discussed Brock Lesnar is praised for him after Dominic’s involvement in the 2019 Survivor Series bout between the beast and Ray Mysterio after I got my ass beat, I want to say thank you to everyone. I remember Brock telling me that he was surprised because I knew more than he thought I was going to with how I place myself and things I would do to feed into things. I don’t think they were expecting me to know what I was doing was really cool right off the bat.


SmackDown Superstar Released and Why


WWE has parted ways with Steve Cutler, who debuted on SmackDown in 2020 is one of the Forgotten sons faction, and then he was repackaged when a king Corbin his henchmen according to fateful select Cutler COVID-19 in early January, earning Vince McMahon’s wrath. Dave Meltzer provided further details on why man was so irate Steve Cutler 33 was released on fourth February, he and Wesley Blake were put into a group with Corbin Dan Cutler, the boyfriend of dataprise of impact got sick and the whole idea was dropped after he missed a week.

This was said to be a disciplinary reason that got Vince McMahon livid when he heard about it, President directly reference it but moments after his release, she only tweeted COVID strikes again. The belief is that it had to do with his New Year’s Eve party that led to that and that McMahon had promised a few wrestlers like brains a safe environment when he returned, and Cutler was around all the talent. Cutler was training at the Performance Center in the big guys class on the day he got fired.

He is believed to be the first pro wrestler fired for getting COVID the argument can be made that Cutler wasn’t fired for catching the runner but for his lacks behavior in terms of safeguarding himself and his fellow wrestlers. The WWE has repeatedly cautioned its wrestlers about careless behavior, and whatever shortcomings that company has in protecting its wrestlers, the wrestlers have a certain standard of care to maintain. Ironically, Cutler’s forgotten son’s teammate Jackson Riker seemed like he might be getting released after Riker received major heat backstage for pro Trump comments along with comments on the Black Lives Matter movement. Instead, Cutler is
out and he released the following statement.


 WWE Breaks Record for Annual Profits


WWE breaks record fat annual profit, the WWE had a banner year in 2020. Despite the pandemic that shut down much of the planet, while the WWE quarter for earnings fell short of projected numbers, the company posted its biggest profits ever. Dave Meltzer broke down the details saying it’s widely expected even with the pandemic, the increase in television revenue led to WWE, his most successful year financially in history with $974,207,000 in revenue, and 131,892,000 in profits. The first time the company has ever topped $100 million in profits during a given year. There were a number of factors at play due to the pandemic, the biggest being the loss of revenue from live events and merchandise sales at said live events, however, Meltzer noted they saved considerable money by running it shows from the PC and the latest moves to the Thunderdome were less costly than touring, adding the incredible numbers of releases and furloughs, some leading to termination of WWE staff and the company trimmed its budget. At this point the WWE is sitting pretty thanks to its current deal with the USA Network Fox and its recent sale of the WWE Network to peacock while their ratings continue to decrease, the case can be made that Vince McMahon is optimizing the WWE for a sale in the next few years. Like the deal with Fox the WWE his new partnership with peacock will see NBC promoting WWE shows heavily which could lead to bigger numbers. But despite its big profits, the WWE stock declined after the quarter for ending report with variety reporting that in quarter four revenue fell 26% from the prior quarter to $238.2 million. At this juncture Vince McMahon appears to be playing a short game ignoring declining stock prices and ratings with the hope that WWE new exposure on peacock will make it an attractive product for an outright purchase.


‘Next Brock Lesnar’ Signs with WWE


Brock Lesnar signs with WWE, the University of Central Florida football player Parker Boudreaux has signed a development deal with the WWE Parker who bears an uncanny resemblance to Brock Lesnar and uses the next big thing as his tagline has been praised by Paul Heyman and is now WWE bound. Dave Meltzer shared some info on Parker’s football career stating that Boudreau was the starting right guard for Central Florida in 2019. He missed the last season due to a concussion, but was to come back in 2021. For his senior year. He was backstage at the 20th January NXT. TV tapings. He’s six foot four and played the lineup 301 pounds at Bishop Moore High School in winter garden Florida.

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