WWE Wrestlers Mourn Passing Of Larry King

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The Good, The Bad & The Downright Ugly


The Roman Reigns versus Kevin Owens pro represented everything good about the current feud between the two of the WWE best brawlers even though this has got to end at the Royal Rumble one of the best parts of the show was when Roman sold Kaos no no not once but twice, making their table spot nothing short of sensational even the most monstrous of heels have to sell at times and reigns is selling the standard was a good way to create the potential that kayo might just walk out of the last man standing match with the title. Also in other news pigs fly. Number two Sami Zayn continues to entertain Smackdown provided some laughs with the blue brands resitant pain in the ass Sami Zayn protesting his treatment in the WWE by handcuffing himself to the ring.


Wrestling hills come in all forms ranging from monster hills to annoying chicken chip pests like Sami Zayn and saying there’s never been better than he is right now is a type of wrestler who doesn’t need a championship to get over his his gimmick is all about wanting to see him get beaten up. While act needs to tempered so as not to create go away heat. The WWE and Zayn seem to have found the right balance. Number three Reginald a shining surprise while the WWE deserves major criticisms for its booking of Sasha Banks in the SmackDown Women’s Championship carmella smellier reginal continues to impress in and out of the ring.


Now the WWE needs to get him into the Cruiserweight division sooner rather than later than again, knowing how the WWE books its Cruiserweight it might be better for regional to be a sidekick on the main roster than just another face in the Phantom Zone known as 205 live. Number four Apollo Cruz vs. Biggie has serious promise. Apollo Cruz vs. Biggie is one of SmackDown sleeper situations and not in the way fans traditionally think of with the WWE.


A program that has him nodding off Cruz vs. Biggie has been excellent so far. And if Cruz joins Roman Reigns is faction as rumored it should only elevate the talented performer further. While it may seem unlikely that crews will defeat Biggie for the IC championship, fans should remember that B may face off against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania for the universal championship if so we’re title loss wouldn’t hurt us push even if Apollo Cruz doesn’t when he’s been given some much needed time and look good even when he’s the last a biggie number five Cicero’s push continues, this is already getting a sustained push.


It certainly looks that way as he defeated Daniel Bryan and just spot this week into the Royal Rumble by defeating Dolph Ziggler. And we won’t point out the obvious about sasara talent and ability to work the upper card and perhaps even the main event. At this point, we’re just enjoying sorrows much deserved to push and hoping he doesn’t get the creative rug pulled from underneath him. Number six, the boss battles both men and women. Although the WWE doesn’t seem to be headed towards intergender wrestling, Sasha Banks is one of the first wrestlers to promotion should consider if it decides to go that route.


The boss’s battle against regional shows she can get an excellent match out of men or women and credit also goes to regional for some excellent work in the ring. If the WWE could only stop booking are against better opponents. fans might think the women’s revolution is more than a marketing gimmick. In the meantime, there’s no denying banks is in ring chemistry with men and women. But that was the good What about the bad is number one Royal Rumble rules confusion. Just when the WWE seemed to clarify who gets to declare themselves for the Royal Rumble and who has to earn a spot they go and have Cesaro challenge Dolph Ziggler for a spot in this year’s rumble. And in case you missed it, or are still trying to figure out what exactly happened. So So recall that anyone who had already declared themselves for the rumble leading to Dolph Ziggler accepting this Swiss Superman’s challenge is already defeated Ziegler earning a spot in the rumble as confirmed by WWE his Twitter account, WWE authority figure and MPs or his assistant Sonia DeVille. authorizes So how exactly did Zara book himself into the match? Number two a predictable finish.


While it was good to see Roman Reigns get some revenge on Adam piers. The main event match between Paul Heyman and Adam Pierce was predictable. For anyone who has watched the WWE product for more than six months. you’ve likely heard the rumors Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman are heavily involved in booking raises storylines and if so we can only hope is Vince McMahon who is coming up with predictable moments like this and not rains and or Heyman kind of good see that we didn’t get this he haven wrestle Dabba you know his wrestling, it’s all flips in no substance. Number three a meaningless title match last night’s WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship defense by Charlotte flown asker and the riot squad probably surprised fans who haven’t seen the titles on SmackDown in quite some time.


While the match itself was entertaining. The only point it served was to create tension between Billy Kate and the riot squad. As we’ve noted, the women’s tank titles are a complete afterthought, especially with flair and ask as champions. The best thing that could have happened last night would have been for the riot squad to win the belt and have them start defending them on a regular basis. And there was nothing ugly about last night’s show as WWE still puts on an entertaining show and always seems to outshine raw in every aspect. Still, this week’s Smackdown wasn’t as good as last week’s what would you guys think of the show? Let us know in the comments down below. Now let’s move on to the news.


Ryback Headed to AEW?

Ryback headed to AEW have another former WWE superstar joining its ranks right back recently revealed that he believes he’s able to wrestle against starting this summer, although right back maybe working the fans and he’s actually able to return sooner during an episode of Ryback. TV, the big guy all but confirmed where he’s going saying I am coming back and I’m going to the competition and we’re going to kick their asses in the ratings. What on earth would AWS benefit from having right back in the promotion though? They’ve already got muscle in the promotion, Brian cage.


Vladimir Kozlov’s Amazing Transformation


Vladimir Kozlov amazing transformation. Speaking of phenomenal physical transformations, former WWE superstar Vladimir Kozlov looks like one of the characters from the Grand Theft Auto series. In fact, we can just picture that image in the loading screens that WWE superstar is promoting his line of vodka called appropriately enough Moscow Mola. Congratulations to the former tag team champion on his latest success.


More Names Added to Royal Rumble 2021


more names added to the rumble. The men and women’s Royal Rumble is shaping up as the WWE has added more names to the event during last night’s Smackdown fans landed the following superstars have been added Ruby, Riot Liv Morgan and tamina snuka. In the women’s match, schinsky Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler Biggie and Sami Zayn in the men’s match, As noted above sasara somehow earned his spot in the match in wwe com has confirmed it.


USA Forcing NXT Off Wednesdays?


USA forcing NXT off Wednesdays looks at the WWE position as one of the USA Network’s top programming options could be ending soon. NBC recently announced its scrapping its NBC Sports Network with key elements of NBC  programming moving to USA Network, and in some cases peacock for 2022 and beyond, as noted by several new sites, including ringside news and wrestling news. It’s believed that NASCAR and NHL events will air on USA. This could be problematic for NXT since you will not be able to air in its regular time at 8pm. Since the NHL games are on Wednesday night. You may recall rumors that the USA Network asked the WWE to consider moving NXT off Wednesdays due to it typically getting clobbered by aew dynamites ratings. Does this mean bad news for WWE and a W the potential for more sports programming on the USA Network should concern a W and WWE Wednesday nights as the NHL has been airing on Wednesdays which means sports competition for dynamite even if NXT isn’t on. Dynamite may be getting a bump from fans who don’t watch NXT but hockey on the USA Network which is broadcasting more homes than the NBC Sports Network could lead to a W losing some of its audience. The big question is how the USA Network’s acquisition of NASCAR and the NHL will affect not only its overall ratings, but its business relationship with the WWE. The reason the USA Network threw so much money at the WWE to era is that the USA Network’s weekly ratings have been weak.


If NASCAR and the NHL bumps up the ratings, USA executives may not see the worth in writing a large check, especially if the show’s ratings continue to decline. Well, not necessarily, but it may not be getting big money deals anymore. And finally, wwe wrestlers mourn the loss of larry king.


WWE Wrestlers Mourn the Loss of Larry King

Larry King has passed away at the age of 87. Reportedly after being hospitalized with COVID-19 King and many wrestlers on his show during his illustrious career, and was fascinated by wrestling and its performance. During an interview with Sports Illustrated, King remarked they are incredible athletes their fan following is amazing, but the results are never in the paper. To me if someone is interesting, and I’m curious, and wrestlers and wrestling are interesting, the WWE announced WWE saddened to learn that Larry King passed away at the age of 87. WWE extends its condolences to King’s family and friends. tweets from Caleb Braxton. The Iron Sheik and James Ellsworth were just some of the tributes that were made on Twitter.

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