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Lionel Messi has received his first Greg garden. His Club career against athletic Griezmann has seven points in his last four appearances for barsa Antoine has four goals and three assists.

The berlina made the 100 this is for Man City. He has been playing for the club since August 2015.

Liverpool has had its worst start in full season with club having 34 boys and 18 games.

Each scored a brace in the first game for Eintracht Frankfurt after returning almost a year has passed in the last go for Real Madrid.

Liverpool hasn’t scored a single golden three Premier League games in a row, the worst Greek for the Merseyside’s in 16 years. Manchester United hasn’t been Liverpool for five years.

Ollie in system loan at PSG Tottenham haven’t yet agreed to release the player. Milan loan tomori from Chelsea for 30 million euros. Arielle has spent 395 million euros in the past three summer transfer windows, only Gordo and Mindy were implemented in the start in 11.

Klopp is a genius he has brought many players to the top of their game only the best are capable of such achievements claims the IEA Tory Why did it turn down many united even the weather is better in Liverpool than in Manchester. I’m in the right place. Juergen Klopp admitted Ramos one move to PSG from Real Madrid. There is a gentlemen’s agreements between the claps. levandowski has 21 goals in 15 Bundesliga appearances.

Robert is the first player in Bundesliga history with 21 goals in the first part of this season. Is he done is not counting on address so that the defender can go and learn from a young man right. I was very worried about this amount and suffered from criticism. I was considered a failure and muted fret. I was incredibly lucky to coach barsa it’s clear that everything depends on the results set Ernesto Valverde for the first time in its history, Napoli have scored six goals against Fiorentina. Marseille gave a blessed 3 million years formulaic, the Napoli director confirmed the negotiations. We both cried when Guardiola said about leaving Byron I will remember these forever sad Karl Heinz Rummenigge a real offers Ramos a contract for a year and 10 point 8 million euros eats 10% less than now. Guardiola will receive 200 million pounds at Manzini for summer transfers.


The main aims are the forward and defensive midfielder positions. After one six disperse I was thinking he wasn’t going to last much longer but now Manchester United are the top of the leak soldier. He’s a hero of Norway sad Jordan are nerissa mandzukic is close to moving to Milan the contract is valid until the end of this isn’t Mario will undergo a medical examination and sign the contract on Monday.


Arielle gave her three months delay on the first payment for Hakimi of 10 million numerous Jelena glue and they are nonetheless have constructed the Coronavirus rabbit and krzanich are still at Milan. Barcelona won’t let netta go in January. Earlier on he wanted to leave the club. The goalkeeper seems interesting for Arsenal. Former Liverpool defender john Flanagan is close to joining Yana milania from Poland. Real Madrid could move Castillo’s top scorer who would do row to the first team due to your beach living. Fabiana Ruiz has COVID-19 the midfielder won’t play for Napoli against Juventus in the Italian super gap. There were many intriguing matches yesterday. All results are in your screens.


Arsenal midfielder Minnesota Zilla has arrived in Turkey to sign with Fenerbahce. Apparently the agreement with a footballer will be signed after a medical examination. Massoud has already agreed with Arsenal from London to terminate the contract in order to boost his move to Turkey.

The transfer will be officially announced today. Good luck and Fenerbahce oziel we began with Liga one Leon sensationally lost at home to Mets the only goal in the 90 minutes was provided by our and Lisa seca. Thus the first line is shared between PSG and Lille, which yesterday bead ram with a minimum score of two one. Next up the Bundesliga fixtures. Let’s start with the I intro versus shotgun match, we celebrate the house victory with a score of three one and a double from lukovitch.

They use Serbian enter the pitch in the 62nd Minute. In another Match of the Day Byron headed to victory over Freiburg to one minute is ahead of Leipzig by four points thanks to the shots from levandowski and Miller. We are moving on and we have to Napoli bettered Fiorentina with six No, the balls were slaughtered by nc knitwise Demis Lozano, zelensky and politano delanda deeply indulgent supporters so much as there was a boring shout out with Jenna why, no no.

The central game of the day was the battle between enter and you Ventus antonette contest team got a convincing victory to know with a veto and barella making the result clear Ronaldo didn’t perform at his best enter outplayed Milan in the table and eventers is now fifth in the league. And now it’s time for the Premier League Tottenham beat Sheffield United one three or Yeah, Kane and and unbeli broth marinas team three points. The main battle of the entire match day of the EPL was the battle between Liverpool and Manchester United. The teams played a goal is draw, we have to admit that both teams had their chances to win.

It was a draw in favor of Manchester City. The citizens immediately took advantage of the misfires of competitors and easily dealt with Crystal Palace for nil. stones and entities first goals for a city with two more being on the accounts of ginder one and Sterling city has got the gap from leading manchester united to two points. And finally the main event Spanish Super Cup final vitai turned out to be truly enchanting.

Barcelona managed to be had in the 14th minute the Katalin succeeded in the excellent combination and charisma he was the one who delivered the final shot. However literally in the next decade attempt athletic equalized as Oscar De Marcos scored from the cross of Inaki Williams, same equal game continued in the second half, but in the 77th minutes Griezmann managed to make a demo we know this is from Alba despite the matter barsa wasn’t destined doing the final in the 90th minute the Libra level the score wants more extra time started very badly for the blog run us in IKEA Williams netted a stunning shot, no chance parts are stuck in Barcelona tried to recoup but still to no avail. In the end, Lionel Messi stood out in a negative way.

The Argentinian lost his nerves and kick via Libra several times in the 120 minutes. The referees used VRS help and sound the Barcelona Captain off oh the from these angle line elections don’t look too cruel. Now according to the Spanish media Messi will have at least four matches of disqualification two matches in La Liga and tuned for the Cup matches. Messi left the pitch in the first traded feelings and they used a couple of photos speak volumes. Maybe Messi has already mentally left barsa so the publisher moonda Deportivo hain said the future transfer of the Argentinian by the analogy with a sanding off of Zindani in the final of the 2006 World Cup.

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