Ten Reasons I Love Communicating Telepathically With Animals


Ten Reasons I Love Communicating Telepathically With Animals
Ten Reasons I Love Communicating Telepathically With Animals


Of all the jobs I’ve had in my lifetime, Animal Communicator is my favorite and I have had the longest – 25 years this year.

Telephone contact with animals brings many rewards to myself, and to animals, and to my human customers, too.

Here are some of my favorite things about phone contact with animals.

Contact with animals reminds me to open my heart.
Having an open heart facilitates telepathic exchange. Also, the more open your heart is, the more you will live from your own truth and from yourself.

Many animals, like most people, are not always open-minded because of the pressures they may encounter in their lives.

When I talk on the phone with animals, I can help them regain their inner peace, love, and openness.

2_ Animals are amazing teachers.

Or don’t think that your animals teach you, just by being with you, showing you other ways to be.

Others show a way of meditation or peace or confidence.

Many dogs are very good at showing us how to enter the gaps with joy and enthusiasm.

Many cats are very meditative.

Birds can teach us the joy of flying for free – let go of our limit so we can truly climb.

Some horses tell me when they run for free, they get that same flying experience.

3_  Animals usually love us unconditionally

and when I communicate with them, I feel their love for their families.
Whether I’m talking to an animal in the air, an animal preparing to get out of its body, or a teenager causing violence in someone’s home, their love is very powerful.

Over the years, my face has been telepathically bathed in the magic of the doggie tongue, I have been telephoned with feline whisker-kisses, and telepathically shown with enthusiastic horses. Birds usually land near the head on the head or arm or finger.

No matter what kind of animal I am talking about, love can be very strong and will be well expressed by each animal in its own unique way.

4 animals help us expand our ideas by donating their own,

which can have a clearer understanding.
I will always remember a cat who told her man that her husband’s heart problem was not just a physical problem, but a result of not allowing love.

The cat gave clear instructions on buying an angel card with it and the cat gave a well-written love message for the wife and son to write on the card. The message was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes and to the woman.

5_ Animals are very forgiving.

I have had many clients call me full of guilt for what they did and / or did not do for their pet before the animal left their bodies.

When I ask an animal about it, they are always understanding, kind, gentle, forgiving, caring and nurturing their person. It is a great blessing that they sometimes love us more than we love ourselves.

6_ animals are good at showing our challenges back to us so we can grow and change.


One day I was very angry with Melissa. While driving, I kept asking myself about all the things she had done that I found to be annoying.

Then I suddenly and strangely realized that all of Melissa’s problems were exactly the same as mine – some from a young age – some that still needed to be resolved.

This understanding helped me out of judgment and into an unconditional love for both Melissa and me. What a wonderful learning experience.

7_ Animals are good healers, and they offer their healing without reservation.

In 2003 I had just returned home from surgery to repair a broken ankle. I was on my back, asleep, my leg covered in concrete with two pillows on it.

I woke up when the phone rang, and when I tried to sit up, I found that I could not move.

My two cats at the time, Violet and Sakhara, all weighing more than 60 pounds [20 kg], were both sleeping with my actors. They provided their healing powers and purrals, which actually vibrated with healing bones.

8_ animals often come to us again, too, during most of our lives.

Starlight, my dear Siamese, was my Arabian goat, the Echo, in his last life. Now she is a cat. This is for another interesting, mind-boggling experience.

They have a lot in common, I coined a new name, “feliquine” [feline + equine] – a horse that comes back as a cat!

9_ Animals can be funny.

While most of my clients don’t usually ask their pets to tell funny stories, I had one client who wanted to know what her dog would say.

The dog told of one Thanksgiving when the cat jumped on the table, attacked the turkey, and flew to the ground so the dogs and cats could have fun.

The woman and her daughter laughed and laughed as they remembered this funny event.

My cat Violet, now in the air, used to give me a stare at Jack Benny while doing something spectacular.

He kept looking shocked as I roared with laughter at his words.

Without reading by phone, I would not have known that I enjoyed his jokes, which had nothing to do with physical behavior.

10_ Animals are a sign of divinity, just like human beings.

In the end we all have one experience, and animals often show us the way to that incredible, blessed human unity which is our ultimate goal as we return to the highest level of unconditional love, divine love and pure divine light.

I talk on the phone with my pets all the time. It enriches every day of my life.

Telephone contact with animals has been a great blessing and continues, and I have the privilege of being able to help others communicate with their animals, too.

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