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Third Member Roman Reign’s Faction

Roman Reigns talking about his WrestleMania 39 opponent. Universal champion Roman Reigns may not know who his opponent is for this year’s WrestleMania but their tribal chief is already looking ahead to WrestleMania 39 for what he sees as a dream match. a one on one bout against this cousin rock reigns recently taped an interview with Fox Sports as Ryan satin in commented, he’s the biggest box office attraction for the big screen. So to be able to take that and match it up with the biggest box office attraction in sports entertainment.

I think some magic would be made room is at the rock fighting Roman Reigns at WrestleMania have been circulating for years. However the rugs are overloaded schedule makes it difficult to book in for television appearances, let alone matches in the ring. Next up is Roman Reigns is faction growing.

Speaking of Roman Reigns at this talk that the universal champion could have a new henchman as fans know the universal champion has relied upon his cousin Jake ouzo to help him out of tough titled spots interfering as needed and softening up opponents before title matches. While there have been strong rumors of Jays brother Jimmy joining the group when he returns from injury which could be any time now.

The WWE seems to be setting the stage for Indian the member, former United States champion Apollo Cruz. Cruz has been in a bit of a rut since dropping the US championship to Bobby lashley and being drafted to SmackDown for the 2230 time. At least it seems that way. But his recent interactions with the tribal chief and Paul Heyman suggests he may be on his way to joining reigns his faction Cruz was seen on SmackDown backstage with reigns in Haman when rains told crews to stay and listen to their meeting telling crews stay you can learn from this. That same night crews utilized Hill tactics get the win over Sami Zayn, suggesting he was swayed by the champion.

Now this move is unusual for crews and Instagram posts by Paul Heyman has people talking further about a cruise range collaboration. The post features a drawing of Apollo Crews kissing the tribal chiefs ring. Well Heyman and Jason Lacan right rain shed the post suggesting crews could be in for a push in the near future if his career rises much as Jay uses did by joining the head of the table.

Next up Nikki cross furious with WWE former two time women’s tag team champion Nikki Cross has seen better days in the WWE. She has been regulated to the sidelines since her brief program with former tag team partner Alexa Bliss. Recently cross released a video via Twitter where she voiced her dissatisfaction with her current push.


Anglia and I’m annoyed the Royal Rumble as right around the corner and I have zero momentum pulled into I’ve got no momentum to even one up. So I’m absolutely human. There’s a reason why I travelled and wrestled all over the globe before stepping into WWE right.

WrestleMania 37

As long as the WWE book suits women’s roster around a handful of performers talent like cross are going to sit on the sidelines. While this video may be a work shoot, the reality is that cross hasn’t had anything to do and indeed has zero momentum going into the rumble. Next step WWE confirms fans for WrestleMania 37. As we reported previously, the WWE has confirmed that it will have fans present for WrestleMania 37. We’ve taken announcements that to be made soon, however, wrestle voters reporting that the WWE is also looking at the show is an experiment for resuming live events WWE is planning on permitting upwards of 25,000 fans for WrestleMania on each night.

The real internal discussions are what to do after some would like a soft reopening of the touring schedule for live TVs as continuing the Thunderdome. Post mania comes with location headaches, it bears repeating that the WWE plans could go right thanks to the new presidential administration as it could impose further restrictions on public gatherings due to the Coronavirus and pressure states to do likewise.

Next up Mercedes Martinez explains why she didn’t stay in retribution. Mercedes Martinez is a veteran performer who looked to be jumping from NXT to the main roster when she landed his spot in WWE new faction retribution.

However, Martinez ultimately decided to leave the group returning to the Like and gold brand during an interview with pw Insider. Martinez explained her reasons for leaving, I was given an opportunity and I took the opportunity not knowing what the outcome would be, you got to make the best with anything you can. But I think when that opportunity came, it just wasn’t for me.

The 40 year old superstar recently celebrated her 20th anniversary in the business and seems to know what she wants for the remainder of our time in the squared circle. She went on to say it’s kind of one of those things where it’s this is where Mercedes is, but maybe it doesn’t fit the mold doesn’t fit her career. It was no hard feelings. I just think we both had two different plans. I wanted to go the one way and they had a different outlook. I wish them success to all those part of the group and I wish them the best. retribution looked to be one of last summer’s hottest angles, but it quickly fizzled out when its members debuted exclusively on Raw, even the surprise revelation and Mustapha Ali as brews rogue faction has done little to help the group and it appears Martinez made the right call or not sticking with the group, based on the group’s current success at Mercedes may not be the only person wishing them the best in their future endeavors.

Erases Becky Lynch Moment

WWE raises a Becky Lynch spot. WWE is Ed some sleazy segments during its long history both on television and pay per view. But one segment however, seems to be so slimy that the WWE decided to edit it off the WWE Network as noted by ringside News’s Felix Upton, they cut a spot during the Charlotte flair versus Becky Lynch match at the 2016 Rumble, where flair distracts Lynch by kissing on the spot may seem offensive, especially in light of the hashtag me too and speaking out movement, however, does this mean that the WWE is going to subsequently remove any other CME segments.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy and private party invade Impact Wrestling, Matt Hardy was trending on social media thanks to his appearance on Impact Wrestling alongside his protegees private party money Matt appeared with his team during the recent episode of Impact, the latest crossover between stars of AWS impact how he played up his money obsessed character, revealing that his team was there to challenge for the impact World Tag Team Championship currently held by the good brothers. Matt reminded the fans that he saved impact from bankruptcy and that technically he and his brother never lost the impact tank titled The team of Chris Sabin and James storm wasn’t about to let private party walk into a title match, however, and impact the two teams in a number one contenders match which private party one after the show Monday, Matt tweeted about how he saved impact from bankruptcy. This episode of Impact along with the same day replay was by far the most viewed TNA program of 2016. My final deletion was by far the highest rated and most watched single episode of TNA and went viral. I saved Impact Wrestling from going out of business in 2016. The truth is the truth. Yes, we be I save TNA from going out of business it would have either a went bankrupt or be been sold to WWE broken Mac creed is so much viral buzz that anthem stepped up and bought the company at a cold hard fact. The truth is the truth. It looks like the rivalry between AWS and impact is slowly heating up. Do you guys think the two promotions will work in inter brand war?

If so, are you looking forward to it and finally regal takes another shot at Goldberg looks like Matt riddle isn’t finished calling out bill Goldberg. Wrestling’s ultimate bro is currently setting his sights on the hurt businesses Bobby lashley is us championship but he still finds the time to mock bill Goldberg gillberg aka Dwayne Gill, the hilarious wrestler who made a living parodying dollar bill recently appeared on Raw and afterwards riddle posed with gillberg backstage riddle posted the picture on Twitter along with the following caption real legends are your bros and this stallion is 10 times the man Willie g could ever be. Goldberg is scheduled to appear on the 25th January additional roar so fans may want to tune in to see if the WWE plays upon this online rivalry. If so expect riddle to count the lights for big bad bill as a zero chance Goldberg is taking a loss before a scheduled match against Drew McIntyre Royal Rumble.

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