My Spiritual Companion and a Heartwarming Story

My Spiritual Companion and a Heartwarming Story
My Spiritual Companion and a Heartwarming Story


This Christmas evening, I spent some time thinking.

It is a great honor to think of my friend and spiritual partner, Mr. Stormy, and the many divine blessings that accompanied his conversion back to the Spirit.

On December 20, 2013, I arrived at the Harse Protection League (HPL) farm in Golden, CO and Miss Emie (HPL Barn Manager) greeted me. I found great comfort in his warm kiss. As I boarded Stormy’s boat, he greeted me and his human companion, Esther. I noticed that he was holding his head down in search of a good position. While talking with Esther, I asked her if she would like to say A Prayer.

Before I started, rabbits and squirrels encouraged me to feel the peace around us and to enjoy the soft light of our surroundings. Drs. Wayne Dyer described this peaceful, soft light as Godlight.

As I closed my eyes and settled into the beauty and peace of that divine moment, I felt together about everything. Dr. Patty Luckenbach, D.D. (Doctorate in Divinity) taught me about the Principle of Oneness. Each of us (including animals) is a spiritual person.

All life is inseparable. Surely there is a Divine Perfection, a perfect connection. We’re all one with one another, and one in all Life.

As I began the Prayer of Assurance, a present-day gift made Divine Right Action come out.

While I was talking, I noticed several spirit creatures in our midst. As an ambassador for the World Department of Animal Health, under the direction of Dr. Patty Luckenbach, we have discussed my Divine gift to see these beautiful creatures full of Divine grace. When I finished the Assurance Prayer, I opened my eyes and saw the Storm looking at me with his head up. Out of respect for the bond between Esther and Stormy, I was instructed to stay in the zoo and send Reiki’s powers.

Universal-Consciousness called Rei directs the life force called Ki in that practice known as Reiki. With my eyes closed, I could feel the presence of our animal friends from the Kingdom of Nature and felt the power of the “Lenny’s Crew” horses approaching the Stormy desert.

At that moment, I was directed to return to be with him.

As I opened my eyes, there was a large herd of Pigeons Crying in His Cave. To acquaintances (people), these beautiful birds represent the message of life, hope, renewal, and peace. And, in this flock, there was one White Dove, which is a symbol of the Holy Ghost in the image of Christianity. For Christians, the Holy Spirit represents “the Spirit of Jesus” (Acts 16: 7) and “the Spirit of our God” (1 Corinthians 6:11).

When I got back to Stormy’s rock, I started to feel very unstable – I thought I was going to faint.

Indeed, “Lenny’s Crew” was gathered next to her, and Miss Pearl (a member of the staff) suggested that I put my right hand on her left shoulder. As I listened to his wisdom and breathed deep into my Hara (Center of Balance), I felt like a tree with deep root systems to enable us to withstand any storm. Standing next to Pearl, I saw a veterinarian Dr. Long took a deep breath in his truck, released it slowly, and walked toward Stormy’s rock. I took it as a deep moment to testify. After many years of devotion, I was touched by her humble show to help the soul return to the Spirit.

While leading Stormy to a beautiful grassy area on the West side of the farmhouse, Pearl said I should follow behind. I counted 14 mourning pigeons sitting on an electric fence near us. In Numerology, the number 14 can be continuously reduced by adding 1 + 4 = 5. I have been taught that the number 5 symbolizes protection. One White Dove lived among them, representing the presence of the Great Spirit. So, I knew everything was going well. At the soul level, Stormy and I looked at each other deeply, and I heard him say, “Hello.”

I heard that voice spread throughout my Heart Chakra.

In that divine age, we were truly united. There was nothing but the two of us. Stormy’s attitude changed and his speech became empty. In that moment of divinity, I felt as if I too was staring at his body standing below him. All of this happened before the injection of Drs.

After the departure of Drs. Long, I was instructed to return to the zoo and send Reiki’s power. After that, I walked out of Stormy’s rock and was not asked about his presence. As I passed the horses galloping and greeted everyone on the way, I felt a great peace. Mr. Lenny informed me that everything was fine and assured me that the other horses were also well understood. While greeting each HPL horse in front of the venue, I spent more time with Miss Patches.

While gently stroking my neck, I mentioned Stormy’s name. I was very relieved to know his name as he stared at me and told me I was sorry for his friend. I felt an understanding from him about the very big picture connected to his transformation. One of my favorite photos on the 2014 HPL calendar shows Patches and Stormy side-by-side pastures. It reminds me of a peaceful night among friends as the sun sets slightly behind the mountains.

When I returned home from the HPL farm, I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

That morning at about 1 a.m., I was quiet in bed after a two-week trip to California and Oregon. Tiredness and the onset of the storm weighed heavily on them, and I chose to sleep less. As tears streamed down my face as I thought of the Storm, I closed my eyes and saw Two Beloved Spirit Creatures. I knew everything was going well. Later that evening, while brushing my teeth, many tears streamed down my face. While in bed, I closed my eyes and began to feel the presence of the Storm so much.

I knew everything was going well.

During the Christmas service at Mile Hi Church, I cried again! During the prayer, I thanked Higher Consciousness for helping Stormy with a smooth and safe transition back to the Spirit. I felt peace beyond all comprehension.

As an Animal Communication Specialist and Animal Reiki Educator, I am blessed to have so many clients. Before the change of Mr. Stormy, one of them stopped at the HPL farm to visit me on my volunteer day. We took a short trip when we visited a few horses. At Stormy’s booth, he stopped and stared. He explained that he knew her, and it was difficult for her to see him at HPL. His dedication to his horse has been an encouragement to me. It was hard for him to understand why a human partner could voluntarily put a horse in the HPL.

I told her that I fully understood her point of view. As I mentioned the incredible commitment, compassion, and extraordinary love of Stormy and to all the horses that lived in HPL, I felt a deep understanding from him and myself about the real gift of HPL. Mr. Stormy was lovingly poured out – the greatest gift we can give to each other, and to our pet friends, no matter how big or small.

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