Is Undertaker Coming Out Of Retirement Again?

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WWE and now mania matches chaos on SmackDown with missing talent at W star says The Undertaker should be in jail. Let’s plan for staying at a ew revolution. Major ew show being pushed back. former WWE superstar confirms a W mu. Legends and Hall of Famers announced for WrestleMania is the NXT wr coming to an end, more rebel participants confirmed former NXT champion to return with huge push Smackdown star shines with incredible feat of strength and more.

For weeks Daniel Bryan has been the favorite to face the tribal chief in April and is also the favorite to win the men’s Royal Rumble match. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are currently two wrestlers in consideration to face reigns of the biggest show of the year. As they noted, reigns has two different opponents that are being considered. So Brian is not a lot. And at least as of this past week, Nakamura was not one of the two under consideration as of last week, even after the gauntlet. It’s unclear who the second possible opponent for reigns would be as although Goldberg has said he hopes to face the tribal chief one day, it’s unlikely that the company would book this match considering the fan backlash he’s received since returning.





There have been rumors of Biggie getting a push even bigger than his current role as Intercontinental Champion. But for now, WWE is keeping quiet on who reigns will face reigns this match will be just one of several huge matches that will happen over WrestleMania 37 weekend, though fans shouldn’t expect any matches to be announced anytime soon. In the Wrestling Observer, it was noted that virtually nothing for the biggest show of the year is a luck, and that’s partly because of the WWE Fastlane pay per view, with Fastlane happening on March 21, mere weeks before WrestleMania on April 10 and 11th. It was pointed out that the company probably won’t announce many, if any mania matches until after Fastlane. With the march pay per view taking place just 20 days before night one of WrestleMania 37 WWE has a tall order ahead as they’ll need to fit a lot of booking into a very limited period of time.





Over to SmackDown and this week’s show promise Paul Heyman would be an action against Adam Pearce. But after last week’s show, fans weren’t ready to believe it. It was only a week ago that peers hammered home the card is always subject to change, which allowed Kevin Owens to replace him at the Royal Rumble. And unsurprisingly, this week’s card changed and Heyman didn’t compete. It would have been more surprising had WWE actually gone ahead with their announced match. Though judging by his expression in the main event, Adam piers didn’t see the twist coming. It’s baffling that the man who outsmarting Paul Heyman last week didn’t see this coming and didn’t realize that when anyone cuts a promo saying they’re not in the arena, they’re guaranteed to appear from the crowd in a hoodie, just like Owens did last night. It would have been interesting to see what Heyman would have done in a match against peers, but WWE twist ending was probably the only part of the show fans saw coming. Though fans saw this twist ending coming a mile off.


There are parts of SmackDown which surprised us though not for the reasons WWE were hoping. J ouzo was nowhere to be seen on this week’s show. And we’re wondering where he was and why commentary didn’t come up with a kayfabe reason to explain his absence. Saying something as simple as he’s training for the Rumble match would have made much more sense than his disappearance. And that wasn’t the only Smackdown head scratcher. Last week’s show saw WWE tease and alliance between Roman Reigns and Apollo cruise which wasn’t followed up on this week. And after its current storyline with Biggie, he expects crews to once more slide down the card into obscurity. Now, the undertaker recently appeared on the Joe Rogan experience and didn’t make any friends with his comments on the current day wrestlers. Speaking about the locker room of today, compared to when he began, the dead man said, I remember walking into my first real dressing room. Half of them had knives and guns in their bags did got handled then. Now you walk in and there’s guys playing video games, making sure they look pretty. When Tom Prichard posted a tweet asking fans to really listen to before they form their opinion. One person who did that was a trick, who sarcastically commented that the undertaker needs to be put in jail. parodying those people who are blowing the dead man’s comments out of proportion. Some people didn’t get the joke, as Trent later had to explain that he was being sarcastic to a fan who called him out.


Although in a cinematic match, they should be able to protect him. Though he won’t be wrestling live, his participation in a ew revolution is a huge deal and also ensures his last match won’t be the Night of Champions 2015 encounter where he had a career ending injury. cinematic matches have become more common in the past year as wrestling promotions have needed to think outside the box and now at W will have a chance to produce their own spectacle for the icon. There’s a ton of fans excited to see thing competed revolution but they might be waiting even longer than they expected. That’s according to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter who said that the show will now be moved to march possibly because of a pay per view clash with a Jake Paul boxing event. That being said this boxing pay per view hasn’t been confirmed by Paul yet. And with the date getting ever closer, the odds of that match happening seem to be decreasing. Though revolution is currently scheduled for February 27 at W are now considering either March 6, or March 7 at Daley’s place in Jacksonville. And certainly interesting that although a ew confirm that staying in Darby Allen will face Brian cage and Ricky Starks at Revolution, the match was announced without any date mentioned. And although he w haven’t confirmed the move, fans can expect the news soon enough. Sting is just the latest former WWE star to sign with a W and writeback may soon be joining him in dailies place.





Over the past few weeks. writeback has made unproven claims against WWE, accusing the company of illegally suppressing his social media accounts. But that didn’t stop the big guy from making an announcement on right back TV. He said, I’m coming back I’m going to the competition and we’re going to kick some of the ratings. It’s hard to imagine that right back he’s talking about any competition for WWE other than a ew though there’s been no word of right back signing with Tony Khan’s promotion from AWS themselves. If he does join AWS then he may need a new name as the ryebeck moniker is the subject of a fierce legal battle between himself and WWE, but fans can expect him in AWS if the big guy is to be believed. Back to WWE now and although we don’t know what matches the company has in store for the two night card of WrestleMania 37. Some plans are coming together. On Twitter wrestle votes reported that WWE is now working on four major matches with two of these main event level matches going to each night. Their report also noted that both Goldberg and john C are almost certainly going to work the Show of Shows whilst having the rock compete or even appear is unlikely. As for the undertaker, their report said that the dead man situation is to be determined despite his final farewell at Survivor Series 2020 though he’s retired The foenum has said that he could come out of retirement for the right situation and Time will tell if WrestleMania 37 is the right place and the right time for the undertaker over to NXT and the black and gold brands days of airing on Wednesday nights may be coming to an end.

NBC announcement


This week, NBC announced to be shutting down its NBC Sports Network by the end of the year, meaning a lot of sports fans will now be tuning into the USA Network the current home of NXT for their sporting fix. One sport that fans still will be watching is hockey. And given that NHL coverage is on every Wednesday evening that could cause the USA Network to bump NXT from its usual 8pm eastern time slot. any potential move would also bring the Wednesday night bores to an end and we imagine that most fans would determine at W dynamite as the winner even if the promotion isn’t the reason behind an NXT move. At this time, nothing has been confirmed regarding nx T’s future but if the NHL does move to Wednesdays expect the black and gold brand to be affected. Now the entire world has undergone some major changes over the past year with wrestling shows having to ditch live fans for the safety of the fans, the wrestlers and the staff. Now though, a vaccine is being rolled out and will hopefully bring this difficult time to an end. But according to fifl WWE isn’t taking any responsibility for their superstars getting the jab. Their report goes that WWE told all superstars via their talent relations app that they won’t be providing the vaccine throughout the company and stated that it’s the talents own responsibility to get it. Though some wrestlers were surprised by this, especially in the wake of Drew McIntyre. as positive test, other wrestlers reportedly expected this lack of involvement by the company do gooder status as independent contractors. Speaking of the WWE Champion fifl also noted that following his positive test, several more WWE names have tested positive but didn’t specify who they were.




McIntyre, who is set to return live on next week’s raw, urged fans to take this situation seriously, and hopefully all the superstars will be vaccinated as soon as they can, even if WWE are going to help out. We are looking ahead to the Royal Rumble next, as more names have been confirmed for the two titular matches. on SmackDown Billy k told Ruby Riot and Liv Morgan that she got them spots in the women’s Royal Rumble match before she was promptly kicked out of the group. tamina snuka was also added to the match making this her fourth consecutive Rumble match. On the men’s side of things. Adult Ziegler Biggie and Sami Zayn were all confirmed for the Rumble match as well as schinsky Nakamura, the king of strong style knows all about winning the 30 man match as he did just that in 2018. And he’ll be hoping to do it again on January 31.




From one former NXT champion to another now as Alistair black hasn’t been seen in recent months ever since its moved to SmackDown in last year’s draft. Following the messy firing of Selena Vega there was speculation that black was being punished for his wife support for unionization, the pw insider are reporting that this isn’t the case. According to Mike Johnson’s report, black was purposely pulled from television so he could have a quote dramatic debut on the blue brand, but it’s unclear why that hasn’t happened yet. He also added that after his wife got fired that blacks push was delayed not as a punishment, but so the company could wait for things to calm down.




Black was drafted to SmackDown last October, but vanished from the show a few weeks later after losing matches to Kevin Owens. This isn’t the first time a huge push has been rumored for the Dutchman, as he was supposed to be a big name on Paul Heyman draw before Heyman was removed as executive director, and we’ll have to see if this push finally comes for the former NXT champion. And we’re ending today with more Smackdown news as fans saw one of the most incredible feats of strength on last night’s show. During the surprisingly entertaining obstacle course between Bianca Bel Air and Bailey, the st of WWE was tasked with carrying Otis who weighs in at 330 pounds. Not only did Bellaire do this, but she made the former mister money in the bank look like a Cruiserweight and with Bailey also playing her part in the obstacle course to perfection. Both women certainly impressed on this week’s Smackdown.

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