How to Raise Arowana Fish From Home

How to Raise Arowana Fish From Home
How to Raise Arowana Fish From Home


Arowana is a very interesting fish. Many people who raise Arowana as pets, prefer Arowana silver fish. After all, legends say that having Arowana can bring good luck and protect evil spirits. Sounds like a good reason for me to have one of these fish.

The fish looks different, combined with a body attached to a silver scale. This fish is also known to have a short head and a strong jaw. This fish is found in many parts of the world, such as South America, parts of Africa, Vietnam, Australia, and Asia, to name just a few.

Although Arowana is an excellent fish, it eats a lot. In the wild, Arowana eats other fish, insects, and even birds. Because the fish has the ability to literally throw itself into the water, it can catch animals from the branches of low hanging trees and brush. Like other pets, this fish is known to jump a lot without fish tanks. This is especially so when they are interrupted by loud noises and other distractions.

Also, because of the violence of the fish, it is known to eat tank partners and even attack another Arowana. In other words, it is difficult for these people to make friends in a fish tank.

Not only are these fish difficult for themselves, they are also difficult to raise at home. To grow these fish on your own, you need a very large tank. Many experts recommend a fish tank of at least 250 gallons [250 L]. This is because the fully grown Arowana can reach 47 inches in length. And having a small tank would not allow them to swim and turn when needed.

In addition, water, like any fish tank, needs to be at the right temperature and the right pH.

At Arowana, temperatures should be between 75 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit (24-30 C) and pH should be maintained between 6.5 and 7.5.

Since the fish are very aggressive, putting other fish in a fish tank can be deceptive. However, it is possible to find partners for fish tanks. For example, sometimes Oscars, Jack Dempsey fish, and catfish can work. Having said that, there is absolutely no guarantee because of the aggressive nature of the fish.

So, are you interested in buying Betta fish or other hot fish? What makes you think of Betta?

Do you buy Betta simply because you can see it in small round containers and think that this looks like a simple fish to take home?

If for that reason alone, I would like you to stop now and reconsider your choice of pets. While most pet stores have Betta in a small container, in real life, most Bettas would probably prefer a larger house. After all, would you like to stick to a small container where you can touch the walls from where you are in the container? Would you like to be incarcerated in such a small place even if you have water around you?

Look at the natural state of any fish; take a good look. You have probably never seen a fish born or raised or living for life in a small Betta container, outside pet stores.

The reason they are in those vessels is because they cannot allow Betta to enter with other fish, especially not their kind of fish, the male Betta. They are called “Siamese Fighting Fish” and that should give you a clue to the personality of such a fish.

So, let’s face it. The real reason that all those fish are in small containers is because that is the cheapest way in which fish shops can store fish. There are no filters, and there are no filter cartridges to buy when using a small container such as a fish tank. The store wants you to believe that this fish care at Betta is simple, easy and inexpensive.

If pet stores are forced to provide Betta housing, they will have to provide each Betta with a tank of ten or twenty fish. That can be very expensive, so all stores put Betta fish in small, glass-saving containers.

Personally, I had Betta in a ten-liter fish tank and that Betta was the happiest fish ever. So, be prepared, and have fun at your Betta. Give your Betta a bigger place to stay. You can add some plants there and some small decorations and you are well prepared for your new Betta environment.

While at the library, grab a few books about hot fish and pick up a book about Bettas but read carefully. The book will tell you how to take care of Betta. It will tell you where to find Bettas and Betta support.

Another suggestion:

Before you buy your Betta, or before you buy any fish, do something smart and buy everything you need with the fish before you even look at the fish. The idea is that the whole set is equal to where you will keep it in your home or office. Set the tank, water, filter, and any decorative items you want inside the tank, and let the filter work a day or two before you go shopping for fish.

Consider including a few live plants other than the plastic ones you may have chosen. Mixing live and plastic plants in an aquarium can give it a very interesting look.

Consider buying a filter larger than necessary, because. Most of the time, people look for a smaller, less expensive set of fish.

Personally, personally, I was always choosing just a little bit bigger. You will never know. It really starts with one fish but in the months from now or a year from now, you may have a whole community of fish living in that tank. If you think it’s great at first, that saves you time, problems and money over the course of your leisure time.


Do your research if you are thinking of raising fish. Find out which fish are most friendly and aggressive. There have been more than one recreational activity that has brought home predatory fish to find another fish dead a day or more.

And then there are those fish that like to squirt. Some of the Angel Fish species will sometimes flap the wings of other Angel angels. And they will pierce and exhale until they can no longer pierce. So you can do a lot of research on Angel Fish before you buy them.

If you want to breed fish and you are a real beginner, Guppy can be the perfect fish to start with. But remember, that big Guppy will try to eat all the kids so have a separate tank suitable for baby fish OR get one of those separating particles for your tank and you can split almost any tank into two separate tanks. If you look at pet or water stores, you will see that they also make small side tanks that hang from the tops of large aquariums. They will catch fish, but find them in that small tank and carry a registered tank to buy your fish. Therefore, there are many options when considering buying or raising fish.


Buy recommended food. And if you can find the type of frills that will work too.

You may not want to do this but I will share a secret with you. I ran out of fish one day, long ago, in the winter and I didn’t live near a pet store. I went to the cabinet and pulled out a box of Cheerios and proceeded to crush the Cheerios into a beautiful bullet. Yes, I fed the fish and they ate like that for ten days or more, until I finally was able to go and buy fish food. Yes, they did!

Some fish prefer organic food. And pet stores will sell organic food for reptiles and certain fish. They usually have a feed tank, a large tank, with fish in it. If you have a large Oscar-like fish, that fish is sometimes as big as 12 inches, able to eat fish. I do not recommend that you feed any fish with any fish. I share ideas here.

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