Every Non WWE Wrestler Who Entered The Royal Rumble

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Non WWE Wrestlers In Royal Rumble

Long before the Royal Rumble match was filled with surprises such as NXT talent appearing in the actual religion such as Kevin Nash or Booker T making their return to WWE. The surprises in the match itself would come in the form of appearances from wrestlers from other promotions, sometimes even non wrestlers.
These appearances from non wwe wrestlers were extremely prominent during the mid 90s. As WWE roster was very thin, and sometimes having 30 unique talents for the Royal Rumble match itself was a huge challenge.
But which entrance where they were joining us now is Reza Lamia looks at every non WWE wrestler who entered the Royal Rumble match.

Number 12 Junichiro tendril Jimmy Choo tender was one of the biggest stars in Japanese wrestling history. However, fans in North America may know him better for his multiple yet random appearances in the WWE in the early to mid 90s. He would first wrestle for WWE in 1981 at WrestleMania seven when he teamed with coaching Intel to defeat demolition.

Henry would then make two appearances in the legendary Royal Rumble match in 1993 and 1984 respectively. In 93. He would enter the magic number nine and he would last 30 minutes before being eliminated by the undertaker
would have more success in 94. We would make it to the final five men in the match before being eliminated by Lex Luger and bright heart number 11 Carlos cologne. He was not only a great star in the rain, he was the owner the decision maker and carried that promotion on his back. Carlos cologne is mostly known by WWE fans for being the father of former WWE superstars Carlito and Primo, as well as joining the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2014. cologne however, would actually make an appearance in the 93 Royal Rumble without actually being signed to WWE at the time.

He went into the magic number 24 before he was eliminated by Yokozuna, lasting seven minutes in the process. Number 10. The great Kabuki the great Kabuki is notable for being the first Asian superstar to introduce the concept of the image into restless faces. This would lead to be seen on WWE programming with the likes of Tajiri and Oscar.
Kabuki would make his first and only rumble appearance for the WWE at the 94 Royal Rumble match, and he would actually make an appearance as part of the heels who took out the undertaker during his casket match against Yokozuna. He would then enter the prestigious Royal Rumble match itself entering at number 22, lasting almost three minutes before he was eliminated by Lex Luger.


Number nine dick Murdock, Murdoch’s only appearance in the Royal Rumble match would come in 1985, which wasn’t exactly a standout year for the WWE 1985 rumble is most well known for having Shawn Michaels win the entire match from entered number one. Everything else in the match is extremely forgettable and has failed to leave a lasting impression on fans. This extends to dig Murdoch’s appearance in that year’s edition of the match, Murdoch would enter it number 25 and would score a single elimination before he was eliminated by Henry or Godwin in just five minutes. Number eight Tokyo Mori TKO Mori is a Japanese legend who is mostly known for his time in all Japan Pro Wrestling.

Now more he made an extremely brief appearance in the 1996 world Rumble match where he would enter at number 11 before being eliminated by Triple H and Jake, the snake Roberts in just two minutes. Number seven Doug Gilbert. For those who don’t know, Doug Gilbert was a former EC w tag team champion, as well as the CW run he had a successful run in various promotions in person iconic horror characters such as Freddy Krueger and Jason from Friday the 13th.

In relation to the WWE in January of 1986, Gilbert would win the US who Battle Royale to earn himself his spot in the 96 Royal Rumble match, you would enter at number 14 and would be eliminated by Vader in three minutes. Interestingly, he won the US who Battle Royale under his Freddy Krueger gimmick, but obviously due to copyright laws, he had to enter the 96 rumble under his own name. Number six pure No, we call ourselves sports entertainment because of the athleticism involved.


The key word in that phrase is entertainment. 97 was a historic year for WWE tipici their transition into a more mature product that would become known as the attribute era. It would also be to the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin, taking WWE to new heights. Additionally, in 97, WWE had a healthy working relationship with the Lucha Libre a triple A worldwide promotion. This meant that at the rumble, several big triple A names appeared in the Rumble match. Unfortunately, the WWE audience at the time had little to no idea who the talented luchadores were meaning they got little tendo reaction and failed to come across a stars in the process. One of the names that would enter the rumble was Pirata Junior champion of champions from the Mexican AAA organization. He went into the magic number nine and secure one elimination before being eliminated by the legendary mill mascot lasting almost 10 minutes in the process. Number five mill mascots masquerade as one of the other names that wouldn’t make an appearance in the 97 Rumble match from triple A was legendary wrestler mil mascotas. mascaras is well known to WWE fans for being the uncle of former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and he was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012. As part of the WrestleMania 28 weekend, mascaras will also compete in the 1997 Rumble match rather underwhelming appearance.


Although he would manage to eliminate two men, he would sadly only last seven minutes in the rumble before he would eliminate himself. It’s a well known myth that miscarriage actually eliminated himself because he didn’t want anyone to eliminate him. But again, that’s just a myth could have just been a simple oversight by mascot eyes. Number four cybernetics. cybernetics was another triple A star who would make an appearance in the WWE throughout 97. He would make a few appearances on role but most of his appearances would come on shotgun Saturday night, supernatural would also appear in the rumble, but sadly, he also had an unmemorable run in the match, he would enter the match at number 15. Before he was eliminated by his fellow AAA roster members, millet mascaras and pure off cybernetically would last a total of one minute 25 seconds in the match, making his appearance want to forget. Number three, the Latin lover as a mass wrestler losses match in the match
ever since the Latin lover was a final triple A entrant into the 97 Rumble match. Sadly, his running the match was just as poor as his fellow AAA roster members. He would enter it number 17 in last almost two minutes before he was eliminated by Farouk. Number two Dory funk Jr. Most fans know of Terry Funk WWE run as he was part of WrestleMania 14 in 1988, alongside cactus jack and their match against the New Age outlaws.


Fans often forget is that Terry’s legendary brother Dorie Frank Jr. also appeared in the WWE brother, as well as appearing at WrestleMania two Dory would be a part of the 1996 Royal Rumble, making a surprise at one time only appearance in the rumble, Dory would enter number eight and would survive for eight minutes before being eliminated by Savio Vega. And number one, true carry 2001 Royal Rumble is highly regarded by fans for being one of if not the best Royal Rumble match in WWE history. One of the elements of the match that fans weren’t pleased with at the time, though, was the inclusion of Drew Carey in the match. I’m involved with someone Oh, Is it serious? I mean, I don’t know who this guy is, but to make a step up and to shows.


The appearance in the match came about early in the pay per view when Carrie would ask Vince McMahon how to put on a successful pay per view. This led to McMahon believing that Carrie was hitting on his storyline mistress Trish Stratus and as a consequence, he was placed in the Royal Rumble match gotta carry with enter the match at number five and watched as the Hardy Boys eliminated each other. Cain would then enter at number six and was almost about to choke slam carry to hell.


Before Raven would enter the match at number seven, this gave Carrie a chance to eliminate himself over the top rope without receiving any punishment whatsoever. This appearance in 2001 would ultimately lead to Carrie being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011 as part of the WWE celebrity wing, but there you have it, folks, every non WWE wrestler who entered the Royal Rumble match.

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