A Little Bit About the History of Cats

Cats live in the human world from which anyone can remember. These feline friends have long seemed to exist forever. Of course, they had to come from somewhere and researchers from all over the world were trying to find interesting facts about pets. Naturally, these domesticated animals had much to say about their destiny because it cannot be assumed that these creatures evolved in any other way.

A Little Bit About the History of Cats
A Little Bit About the History of Cats

Every domestic cat in all parts of the world appeared in only 5 rows in the Fertile Crescent.

According to scientists who have studied the DNA of about a thousand domestic cats and wild cats, there is not much variation between the domestic animals. Surprisingly, all domesticated cat breeds came from just five species, namely: the Central Asian wildcat, the Chinese desert cat, the eastern wildcat, and the sub-Saharan African wildcat. All the first cats lived in a small area called Fertile Crescent from the eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf.

One scientist said that based on their studies, cats are not trained as pets in any other part of the world. They were made homes by those who lived in Fertile Crescent even before they were brought by people to other places around the world.

Domestic cats today have a history of 130,000 years ago but are traced back 12,500 years. These pets may have very aggressive relatives but in the past, they have strayed from these big cats.

Cats are not like other pets in that they can be domesticated, which is not surprising at all.

People with pet cats know that fining won’t usually do anything unless they want to. Cats begin to show their determination as soon as they become loyal friends. They protect human plants from rodents and insects. When people saw the benefits of having cats such as keeping insects away, they wanted to keep them on purpose.

Cats can be very helpful and for this reason, people take their cats with them whenever they go to faraway places. Cats, recognizing the importance of human-animal relationships, cooperated.

Cats and Egyptian genealogies dominate modern cats.

The Egyptians are well-known for their respect for cats. In fact, Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of love, had a cat’s head. Moreover, in ancient Egypt, where a cat was found dead, a person was to be put to death. The Egyptians are very respectful of cats and that is why they keep them as pets. Probably, most cats today are descended from Egyptian cats.

According to scientists, Egyptian cats may be the most popular breed because they are highly regarded. In addition, they consider these cats to be the best pets because they are textiles and love to have fun.


Dogs bark at passers-by, some animals even when they can’t find their favorite toy under the bed. No matter what the cause, persistent barking can be annoying even to dog lovers.

Cats, on the other hand, also make noise especially at night, when many cats are at work. However, their purrs and meows can be relatively quiet. These sounds are not only fun but actually mean something, cat owners have learned to recognize them. Whenever a cat barks, this can mean that it is hungry or that it wants to be hugged.

Caring for kids involves a lot of hard work

Whether pet owners have puppies or kittens need to devote time and energy to their care. They need to help her adjust to her new home and different foods and do some basic training, which can cause sleep deprivation in the early weeks of a new cat or puppy.

However, puppies need ongoing training (especially when talking about wet training) while chicks, when weaned from their mothers, can easily learn the basics of using a litter box and can be left unattended during the day.

To be more careful, it is best to leave the cat in a room where it will not get into trouble without its owner. At least he can be sure that the kitty is safe because it is confined to a small space, where it will not be able to destroy anything.

Cats Ward Off Insects

Cats are not predators by nature so it is in their blood to hunt, digest and attack their prey even if it is only on television. Cat owners should not allow their pet to eat prey, whether it is a mouse or an insect but they are always happy to have a home free of insects, which is one of the few benefits of having pets. In addition, the smell of cats can prevent rats from invading their home because when these insects sense a predator inside, they are less likely to continue.

Cats are clean

Dogs love smelly things like bedbugs, garbage and dead animals, to name a few and like to roll their bodies over them. For this reason, dog owners need to bathe and groom their pet regularly, which can be very expensive whenever it is brought to the groom.

In fact, cats clean themselves. Cat owners can groom their pet regularly and use a brush and cut its claws whenever needed, this is not necessary because cats can keep themselves clean at all times.

Cats Respect Personal Space

When people come home from a stressful day, they may not feel like they are playing with a dog that keeps following them wherever they go, wanting to play download. Cats are sometimes known to be cold and remote but know what a private space means and respect that. They do not wish to be noticed by the people around them and therefore, their human family can find time to relax after work.

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